Friday, 21 September 2012

Durban Tourism Exhibition

BLOG (18 September 2012)

I was told to up my game on the blog by a colleague who’s sentiment was repeated by Ros Whitburn at the Wild Coast pairs. The event was won by Trish Crosse and Bev Hewitt (their second win at a Red Point Event).
Carol has been in Durban to run the SABF site at the SASCOC and Durban Tourism Exhibition. I enclose photographs of the stand with the Clarence Road School children playing. This idea was Mrs Adrain’s and certainly made our stand, stand out from the rest. We were also positioned next to SASCOC.
I attended some meetings with Carol and some valuable contacts have been made, which we will be following up. (Enclosed are photographs of the stand)
However, if we do not receive any SASCOC sponsorship, the blame can be attributed solely to Carol’s behaviour at the Gala Dinner. While the Press interviewed Chad Le Clos, somebody asked Carol if she was the mother. Carol responded by saying, “yes, I’m Chad’s mother” with which Burt Le Clos bounded over to introduce himself to Carol, as Chad’s father. This had all played out directly in front of the whole Le Clos family.
We have been advised that Zonal qualification dates for the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup will now clash with the proposed date for the Nationals. We are looking at alternative dates and hope to be able to revert shortly.
The SABF has invited unions to set up seminars with an expert – which will be co-hosted with the union and SABF. As at date of writing this blog, Natal have taken advantage of the arrangement. I have also had an enquiry from Di Pennington from EP, but as yet nothing from other unions.
The unions are being requested to put forward proposals regarding their development plans and request for sponsorship. Hillary Nick and her team have submitted a proposal in respect of the Jack Cheatham Award sponsored by Murray and Roberts. This is an award that is aimed at promoting sports development projects.
Natal is set to increase its school projects next year and I urge the other unions to give serious thought to development.
The SABF is also looking at applying for Lotto money, but it is vital that we can show as the bridge community that we are giving back to the community as a whole.
Entries have opened for interclub and as space is limited, early entry is advised. Our next SABF meeting is to be held during interclub with the Bi-Annual meeting.
World Bridge have proposed for new Simultaneous Pairs in October, December, March and August to raise funds to help “Youth Bridge”. The dates for the first two are Monday, the 22nd and Wednesday, the 24th of October and the 17th and 19th December 2012 (these dates are still to be confirmed). Clubs are encouraged to participate. Material will be sent by email to the organisers and booklets and hands will be available on the website,

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