Tuesday, 18 December 2012

BLOG 18 December 2012

Congratulations to JBC1 who comfortably won the Interclub Teams. The top three placing were as follows:

JBC1              490
Hillbrow         425
Alliance         399

I express my thanks to the Links and in particular, Peta Feinstein and the Orchards for the hosting of the event. I would also like to thank Mrs Bernstein and Carol for all their assistance in the tournament.

Bernard Scop has tendered his resignation from the SABF Committee. I expressed my regret as I was able to formulate a number of insightful ideas. Bernard believed that communication between the SABF, the Unions and players needed to be improved. This is of vital importance and it was decided at our meeting that before Congress next year the SABF Committee would meet with a representative from each of the Unions.

The GBU have nominated Philip Feinstein to serve on the SABF Committee.

Heidi Atkinson ran a very successful Tournament Director’s Course and furnished a very detailed report back from the Interclub.
I am pleased to report that Heidi will attend the European Bridge League’s Tournament Director Course in January 2013. Heidi has undertaken to organise and run local TD courses in 2013 and will be conducting one prior to the Western Cape’s bridge festival in December.

I am also pleased to report that commencing late in January a SABF initiative will commence with Tim Cope providing lessons online on Sundays on BBO. A roster will be created by Anne in consultation with Tim. Only SABF members will apply for the coaching. Tim will thereafter prepare notes that will be available to SABF members. This promises to be a fantastic opportunity for all SABF members and I would like to thank Tim for his efforts herein.

On a sad note I have been informed of the sad news of two members passing away. Fiona Wade and Aboo Lachporia who will be missed.

Congratulations to Hilary Nick and Jan Chemaly on reaching the status of Grand Master.