Friday, 13 July 2012

“Bridge has all the excitement of war and only 10% of the risk.”
The author of this quote has obviously never played bridge with Denise Nordengen as the 10% would have been dramatically increased.
I must also congratulate Paul Mestern who has reached the stages of a Grand Master. His name was inexplicably left off my last blog.
Communication has been sent to all the Unions that all members playing more than three times at affiliated clubs are required to be affiliated. The Committee specifically considered the issue of “swallows” from overseas and would expect the Clubs to show some discretion.
That being said, it is necessary for the SABF to be seen to be putting back into the Clubs so they can clearly see the benefit. The Unions have been invited to put forward proposals with respect to seminars given by the top players. We also intend to provide tournament directing seminars. Heidi Atkinson has been invited to attend the World Mind Games as an observer and I am sure, we will be able to benefit from the knowledge she acquires.
The teams representing South Africa in the Mind Olympics are as follows:
Open Team
Alon Apteker and Craig Gower
Neville Eber and Chris Bosenberg
Robert Stephens and Larry Chemaly (Captain)

Captain: Helen Kruger
Charmaine Lipschitz and Rene Kenne  
Marina Breytenbach and Ros Factor
Maureen Narunsky and Joy Swiel   

Captain: Roz Bernstein
Gordon and Kathy Driver
Val Bloom and Tas Nastoridis
Nellonia Vorster and Jackie Dorfan

We wish the teams the best of luck!
On Wednesday, 18th July, Carol Grunder and Sam Samjee will be representing South African Bridge at SASCOC’s gala dinner.
Congratulations to Craig Gower and Alon Apteker for winning the Sun City Tournament. Further congratulations to Lex and his team for a well run and enjoyable event (except the machines!).
In considering to take the position as president, Di Adrain assured me that I would be able to issue decrees such “no more egg sandwiches”. Catering time can be put to far better use.

Monday, 9 July 2012

News & Congress Proposal

On 16 June 2012 the SABF held its first Committee Meeting.
With respect to Congress, it was agreed that the following changes would be implemented:
1.  Play will begin at the published time with a warning followed by penalties for repeat latecomers
2.  Results will be made available after each session separate from the bulletin
3.  Results will be posted on the Internet as soon as possible after play ends
4.  Results will be projected on a screen in the venue as soon as possible after play ends in a session
5.  Butler scores (Datums) will be added to the scoring of the Teams Event
6.  Screens will be introduced for the Final of the Championship Pairs
7.  Barometer Scoring in the Pairs Finals of each section will be discontinued
8.  The Appeals Committee will consist of a Chair plus at least two Vice Chairs and a number of experienced senior players; an appropriate separate venue will be identified for the Appeals Committee to meet; a player with limited bridge knowledge should not be disadvantaged in any appeal and should be suitably assisted and advised in submitting an appeal; no member of the Committee considering a particular appeal may have a direct or indirect interest/stake in the outcome of the appeal.

After having receiving a detailed format from Tim Cope regarding the change in the Congress format and inviting comment from various players, the following proposal has been put forward pertaining to future Congresses. We welcomed people’s comments with respect to the proposed changes.

Requirements that there are 4 qualifying groups

Day 1             Teams Qualifying                                          32 boards
Day 2             Teams Qualifying                                          64 boards
Day 3             Teams Qualifying                                          64 boards
Day 4             Championship QF                                        48 boards match
                        Championship SF                                         24 board match (1st ½ of SF)
                        Losing SF                                                      24 board match
All other sections
                        QF                                                                   30 board match
                        SF and losing SF                                          30 board match
                        Mixed pairs                                                    (evening)
Day 5             Morning
                        Championship SF                                         24 boards (2nd ½ of SF)
                        Championship 5v6, 7v8                               30 boards
                        All other section playoffs
                        1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8                                         30 boards
Teams Final                                                   30 boards
                        First Session – Pairs qualifying                  27 boards
Day 6             Morning
                        Teams final                                                    60 boards
Second session – pairs qualifying              27 boards
Third session – pairs qualifying                   27 boards

                        Pairs in teams final drop in with
predetermined percentage

Day 7             Two sessions pairs final                               60 boards
Day 8             One session pairs final                                 28 boards                             

It was also agreed that a new category of Gold Life Masters would be added to the Master Point rank for players with more than 900 but less than 1200 red points.

Following Congress, the following players have reached Grand Master status:
Alon Apteker
Michael Bernstein
Brenda Foster
Imtiaz Kaprey

On the weekend of 23, 24 and 25 June we competed in the East London Mini Congress which was exceptionally well-run and well catered. I congratulate Peter Connell and his Committee. Congratulations also to Glynis Dornan and Esther Goosen who won the Pairs event.

Finally, in Natal we had our Mini Congress this past weekend where the Grunder team won the Teams and Roger Wilson and Petra Mansell won the Pairs.

Next is the Sun City Event, where I hope that the machines are kinder to me than last year!